430 000 tons march 2014In March 2014, 430,000 tons

October 18, 2014

In March 2014 there was 430,000 tons of contaminated water which was stored in approximately 1200 storage tanks.

Everyday Tepco is pumping out 750 tons from the estimated 90,000 tons underground of the building reactors, which is first partially filtered, then 350 tons of this partially filtered water is reintroduced daily into the cooling systems of the reactors.

The remaining partially filtered unused 400 tons are added into to the storage tanks, where in March 2014 there was already 430,000 tons stocked.

Just in doing that,  they have to add one storage tank every 60 hours,

400 tons per day400 tons added daily, 1 tank every 60 hours

The contaminated water stored in the water tanks is increasing daily of 400 tons.

From March 2014 to October 2014 it is approximately 210 days (7 months).
At a rate of 400 additional tons per day, 210 days multiply 400 tons, we get 84,000 tons added partially filtered contaminated water added in the last 7 months. .
Therefore in the last 7 months 84,000 tons must  have been added to the already 430,000 tons which had been already accumulated there up to early early March 2014 :
430,000 tons + 84,000 tons = therefore presently this beginning October there should have been already approximately 514,000 tons of contaminated water stored in the storage tanks zone.

But now this mid-October, Tepco is telling us that there is only 350,000 tons stored in those tanks.
Whereas there should be now 514,000 tons, Tepco is telling us that there is now 350,000 tons.  Furthermore Tepco is telling us that they are behind schedule due to their constant difficulties with their ALPS system.


Furthermore the only release of water that Tepco is officially allowed to dump into the sea, with the gotten agreement of the Fukushima Fishermen is the bypass water.

Some of the underground water running downhill is diverted thru a bypass to not get thru into the basements of the reactors, to not become heavily contamined and to not increase the contaminated water stagnating beneath (90,000tons), is stored, filtered and released into the sea.

Starting  May 2014 they have released 27 times some bypass water, 1500 tons at a time, which amounts to a toal of 40,500 tons of released bypass water until today.

I do have a question : Why the 164,000 tons contaminated water difference? Where did the 164,000 tons missing go ?

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