February 19

Japanese media is misleading the Japanese citizens to accept the discharge of contaminated water to the Pacific as a request of an international organization

On 2/17/2015, IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) completed third review of Japan’s plans to decommission Fukushima plant.

NHK and other major Japanese media covered the press conference by Juan Carlos Lentijo, leader of IAEA inspection team and reported that he strongly recommended to consider discharging contaminated water into the Pacific.

They read the increasing contaminated water storage is stopping the decommissioning plan, they are running out of the storage place.

However on the website of IAEA, they actually state only “The IAEA team considered the current practice of storing contaminated water a temporary measure and highlighted the need for a more sustainable solution. “, which does not mention “discharge”. In the statement they highly evaluated “the improvement and expansion of systems to clean contaminated water”, “the installation of new, improved tanks to store contaminated water” and “the operation of an underground water bypass system”, which have been implemented since 2013.

None of the Japanese media released the unedited press conference video without interpreted subtitle.



Source: Fukushima Diary

Japanese media reports IAEA urged to dump contaminated water into ocean but no such statement made in real