On 6/2/2015, a Japanese citizen posted his radiation test video on Youtube. The measurement was implemented on the same day.

This person has been posting his measurement videos since 2 years ago.

The location is Haramachi-ku, Minamisoma city (map attached below). The radiation level was 1.1 μSv/h at about 1m above the ground (estimated) but it jumps up to over 12 μSv/h on the ground.

A city nursery school is only 200m from the measurement place. It is not known if the school is still open.

According to the municipal government, 2 of 5 public nursery schools are still open and 5 of 8 public kindergartens are also still open.

About 50,000 of 72,000 residents are still living in Minamisoma city. Financial institutions are in the normal operation.

From the live monitoring data of NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority), the radiation level is only 0.093 μSv/h (50cm from the ground) at a near elementary school, where is approx. 1km from the measuring point.