Radiation and Public Health Project

Tooth Donation Form/Kit

How to Send Teeth

  • If not already clean, wash the teeth and let them dry.
  • Wrap each tooth in paper and cushion with tissue or something similar.
  • Print out the tooth donation form, fill it out, and send it with the teeth to:

    Radiation and Public Health
    P.O. Box 1260
    Ocean City NJ 08226

Do not worry if you do not have all the information requested

There is some information we need in all cases:

  • Where the mother lived when carrying the child.
  • The child’s birthdate.
  • Where the child lived the first year after birth.

If you can supply us with this information, don’t worry about the rest if you do not know the answers.

Important: If you have a tooth or teeth from more than one child, please fill out a separate form for each child and clearly mark which teeth came from which child. We cannot use teeth from more than one child when they are mixed together.

Would you like preprinted envelopes?

For envelopes with the teeth form pre-printed on them, email us (odiejoe@aol.com) with your name, address, and phone, and how many envelopes you need.

* For more than 10 envelopes and Group Networking, contact our Executive Director Joseph Mangano.(odiejoe@aol.com)

Tooth donation form: http://www.radiation.org/projects/tooth_donation_form.html

Source: http://www.radiation.org/projects/tooth_donation.html