France being one of the major exporters of nuclear, to be expected that its Embassy in Tokyo would collaborate with the Japanese Government to put on a show that Fukushima products are safe, that Fukushima is no more contaminated, that everything is great.

The event certainly  was organized behind the scenes by the Project ETHOS, financed by the nuclear lobby, whose main mission is to minimize the gravity of any nuclear catastrophe in the mind of the affected population, so as to encourage the People to stay and live with the “non-harmful” radiation. Ethos did the same propaganda campaign, same program during the Chernobyl catastrophe.


According to the French embassy in Japan, they held Fukushima food dinner party on 6/17/2016.

Fukushima governor. Uchibori, Minister for Reconstruction. Takagi, and a French singer. Charles Aznavour were invited by the Ambassador of France. Thierry Dana.

Fukushima beef, Cherry, and locally raised chicken were served as French cuisine.

In the press release, the major retail company Aeon is mentioned as a partner of this event.

CEO of Aeon is the older brother of Japanese Democratic Party’s leader. Okada.

Fukushima Governor commented they have not detected excessive density of radioactive material in any of their agricultural products over the past year.