No to the Pro-Nuke Lies and No to the Sensationalism B.S.


Some pages and websites choose to publish sensationalism about Fukushima, as a mean to draw big numbers of visitors, like flies on the sh@t, hooking the adrenaline kick hungry crowd to get there their daily junk dose of B.S.

On my Fukushima 311 Watchdogs Facebook page,

On The Rainbow Warriors Facebook group,

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And on the Nuclear News blog,

I choose to stick to facts, to dig for facts.

Fukushima is a serious catastrophe, after almost 6 years it’s only at its beginning and will not be resolved after 100 years, the technology needed to clean-up 3 reactors’ meltdowns has not yet been invented.

The mainstream media are minimizing the scale of that still ongoing catastrophe, gagged by governments having their own economic and political priorities.

Those reactors are opened belly up and still spitting nonstop radioactive nanoparticles into our skies and environment, contaminating the food chain with many consequences not yet well known, being not properly studied, identified and quantified.

The nuclear lobby and their accomplices, are muzzling in many ways the scientific community, and there is no funding to be found for those studies to be made.

We have only few dedicated straight scientists, such as Tim Mousseau, Chris Busby and a few others who still believe science as being more important than their personal career and moneyed interests, who are not selling out to pressure and personal rewards. They do work hard to bring us the real facts, the hard facts, and with very little means. As an example the biologist Tim Mousseau has been the scientist making the highest number of field trips to Chernobyl and Fukushima to research the effects of radiation on the wild life there, always on a shoe string budget.

We also have many Japanese citizen-scientists on location in Fukushima, who betrayed by their government and the Japanese scientific community, are organizing themselves to measure radiation in their environment and in their food so as to protect themselves and their families.

Those are the people we must look up to, the people who dig for the facts and fight for the real facts to be known.

I refuse to deal in sensationalism, we will stick to facts, time passing by only facts can and will prevail.


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