Video of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, February 10, 2017



The daily Asahi has posted a video report on the Fukushima dai-ichi plant. This is in Japanese.

One sees first the reactor n ° 1 where there are 150 microsieverts per hour in the vicinity and then the reactor n ° 3 where the dose rate in the vicinity rises to 335 microsievert per hour.

Then we see the Reactor No. 2 and the recent images taken by TEPCO on the inside of the confinement enclosure.

Then the tanks with contaminated water, followed by archive images without the tanks. It is explained that the water stock is increasing by 200 m3 per day currently. There are nearly a thousand tanks now.

See the latest TEPCo data on this:

At the end of the report, we see that the working and living conditions on the site have improved and that there is no need to wear a full face mask anywhere.


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