Fukushima 311 Watchdogs needs your bit of help



I am Hervé Courtois, also known under my blogger’s alias D’un Renard.
Since March 2011 I have been sharing news about the ongoing Fukushima catastrophe on social media and on two blogs, to inform people about what is going on in Fukushima and also to raise awareness about the dangers of nuclear.
For the first time,  I really need your bit of help. My computer is now badly in need of a replacement and I also need to register my blog.
If any excess to the amount needed I will forward it to the Fukushima Children boarding house in Nagano city, Nagano prefecture, where Fukushima children can go to stay and study away from Fukushima radioactive environment.
Please help whatever you can, every cent will be properly used and accounted for.
Thank you for any help given.https://www.gofundme.com/fukushima-311-watchdogs
Gratefully yours,
Hervé Courtois
Fukushima 311 Watchdogs blog

Nuclear News blog:

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs on Facebook

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