Documentary: A young Japanese filmmaker expatriated in France goes back to her birthplace near Fukushima City.
Six years after the nuclear disaster, she’s aiming to re-open the debate
with her family on this catastrophe which became a taboo topic.



“” My name is Chiho Sato, I live in France for 5 years and I was born in Fukushima.
My parents and grandparents still live 60 km from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in what is called “the voluntary evacuation zone”.

More than four years after the disaster, radioactivity, invisible but omnipresent, has gradually disappeared from the minds of the inhabitants of the region.

Far from the dramatic and anxiogenic images frequently shown in Europe, I directed an intimate documentary.

A touching testimony about the inhabitants of one of the most radioactive regions in the world.

My objective: Re-open the debate on the situation in Fukushima by including the voice of the inhabitants themselves. “”

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