Do not use soil contaminated with radioactivity for public enterprise!
My name is Ohashi, a housewife living in Nipponmatsu, Fukushima Prefecture.
Demonstration project is going to be carried out for reusing polluted soil that was released to eliminate radioactive substances diffused in the environment due to TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident in public enterprise projects!
The place is our Nipponmatsu Ichihara District.
Radioactive contaminated soil decontaminated was promised to be transported to an intermediate storage facility. However, contrary to this promise, the Ministry of the Environment is about to transform the policy to reuse polluted soil in public enterprise nationwide.
They shall say after conducting a demonstration project in Nipponmatsu City, “Safety and usefulness have been confirmed.”
To overlook this leads to using the contaminated soil in public use nationwide.
Therefore, we ask for your approval to ask the Minister of the Environment to withdraw the plan of “Dirty Soil Reuse Demonstration Project”. Please lend me your support! Thank you
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