In this video (part 1 of a series) Junko, a mother and ex decommissioning worker describes the health situation in answer to a question put to her by Rachel Clark (Japanese translator) on behalf of the team at and Nuclear Hotseat.
Junko describes the health effects on her children and workers cleaning up the soil in contaminated areas.

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In this video 2 families compare the risk of staying in place (as recommended by the nuclear industry post Fukushima and another finally that left quickly. A mother and daughter develop Thyroid abnormalities for listening to the Japanese authorities.

#Fukushima truth #nuclear testimony, #OHCHR #UNHRC #CRIN September 2018 Part 2


There is an understandable lack of trust in the government program and one of the evacuees did not want to give the Fukushima medical Hospital any personal information preferably.

Dr Oshyama does do an independent research on evacuees and is more trusted. She discovered the 2 thyroid abnormalities in the Mother and Daughter from the second video.

Other private doctors are used by evacuees even if they do avail themselves of the Fukushima Medical Hospital survey as the indepndent dictors are prepared to do more comprehensive testing.

One mother said she would continue getting the tests done twice a year so people in the future could use the data. This flies in the face of the nuclear lobby plans to reduce or stop testing teh Fukushima Medical Hospital survey and this campaign is headed by Prof Geraldine Thomas the “nuclear expert” (for the UK Ministry of Defense).

Also a question is asked about financial losses due to the nuclear disaster and the evacuation. One of the participants said that they had costs of about 45,000 dollars and only got about 30,000 compensation and loss of earnings were not included That came to another 45,000 dollars.

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