TEPCO firmly at fault for balking at payouts to disaster victims

Tomoaki Kobayakawa, left, president of Tokyo Electric Power Co., meets with Fukushima Governor Masao Uchibori in June 2018.
February 9, 2019
The proposals rejected by TEPCO call for larger payments than the amounts suggested in the guidelines set by the Dispute Reconciliation Committee for Nuclear Damage Compensation, a committee within the education and science ministry.
The dispute resolution center, established to facilitate compensation payments to people who have suffered damage from the Fukushima accident, has successfully mediated more than 18,000 settlement agreements, but the institution is now facing a brick wall.
The utility has refused to accept many ADR deals proposed by the Nuclear Damage Compensation Dispute Resolution Center in response to collective requests from groups of residents in areas around the Fukushima No.
It has promised to pay compensation to all victims “down to the last one,” ensure “swift and considerate” payments and “respect” settlement proposals made by the dispute resolution center.
The center was established by the government in 2011 to help settle compensation disputes between TEPCO and victims of the nuclear accident.
Nearly eight years have passed since the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, yet many victims seeking compensation for damages from Tokyo Electric Power Co., operator of the crippled nuclear plant, face uncertainty as the talks are getting nowhere.
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3 thoughts on “TEPCO firmly at fault for balking at payouts to disaster victims

  1. The fake, unsustainable, nuclear societies live in an unreal world, of mass consumption. They use reactors to make electricity.

    They lie about the consequences, every step of the way. Then some explode. They can only resort to pathologically-psychotic lying and a completely psychotic reality after that point


  2. We always see the propaganda Bullshit in western media and on American Media- Internet sites, like the Top Tens of listverse, or the Discovery Channel, or Popular Science of like the the top 10 Richest Countries on earth. then there are The Top 10 Most Developed Countries On Earth, the Top 10 Most technologically developed countries on Earth! Murica is always number one or close.
    When the top Ten most Radioactive places on Earth are Listed Semipalatinsk in Kazakhstan is listed close to Number one and the shitty old USAs Hanford maybe at number 8.
    We get tired of the propaganda bullshit. The American devils detonated close to a thousand nuclear bombs on its own people IN Nevada ,That blew the worst possible radioactive fallout all over Beverly Hills and the Rest of the continental United States! The American capitalist pig imperialist-fascist-shits, detonated the only nuclear bombs on other people in the world  -In Japan and detonated a thousand or more on its own people in Murica!

    You never see Nevada, or LosAngeles, Hollywood, Utah, the Navajo Indian Nation, Colorado The rest of the USA in the TOP TEN Most Radioactive Places on earth ON LISTEVERSE On CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC, Newsweek. It is always Semipalatinsk in Kazakhstan from the mean old Soviet Union as one of the TOP TEN MOST RADIOACTIVE PLACES ON EARTH and yet the US GOVERNMENT DETONATED TWICE AS MANY NUCLEAR BOMBS ON ITS OWN PEOPLE! OVER 1000!

    Trump wants to resume Nuclear Weapons Testing In Nevada. Trump just illegally shipped hundreds of pounds of Plutonium to Nevada! Trump wants to turn Yucca mountain Nevada into the largest nuclear waste dump in the world. Yucca Mountain is located over the Largest Radioactive Body of water in the world .  The Nevada Aquifer is radioactive  from 65 years of atomic testing and Fracking Nuclear waste back into the earth in Nevada!

    Its always those evil Russians and North Koreans! That create the most radioactive places on earth!

    The United States detonated 5  nuclear bombs UnderGround,  under    the Colorado River Near Aspen Colorado with Projects rulison and Gas buggy.
    They detonated 3 nuclear bombs under rivers that drain into the Colorado River in New Mexico with Projects Rulisen and Gssbuggy in the 1960s and early seventies. The DOE and AEC did the same in Georgia with three Nuclear Devices .

    A  Project in Nevada in Jacakass Flats Nevada was done, where Nuclear Reactors where hoisted into the air and caused to melt down . it was done so they could see how the fallout from the melted down small nuclear reactors would distribute fallout from wind patterns carrying it  to their own people in Utah and Californinia. They  did The same thing either  Green Run at Hanford In Washington state!



    https://youtu.be/1lVAqEypenA.  sl1 Experimental Military Small Nuclear Meltdown

    The Soviets were monsters for what the did in remote, uninhabited, Kazakhstan.  it is nothing compared to what the Capitalist, Fascist Bastards who started the whole Nuclear Bomb and Nuclear reactor and nuclear Space Rocket , insanity did to their own people in the continental United States.

    America allows visibly large amounts of AMERICIUM in smoke detectors. 
    It is not milligrams but rather a tenth of a gram of AMERICIUM  in each smoke detector in the United States.

    It only takes a millionth of a gram of Plutonium or less to cause lung cancer and americium is equally as dangerous as Plutonium.
    The High Level Nuclear Waste Product AMERICIUM , which is very similar to PLUTONIUM is and has been   used in millions upon millionsof smoke detectors in the United States. Since the 1970 s , as a means of getting rid of some of the high level nuclear waste from nuclear reactors and nuclear bomb production in the the United States!

    AMERICIUM now contaminates every landfill in every town in the United States and has contaminated or is contaminating 90 percent of every household and apartment in the United States. So tell me how free and untotalitarian and honest and Murica really is.

    In America u can be arrested and thrown in jail for protesting oil pipelines or nuclear waste or nuclear weapons and it is worse than it has ever been in history under The Fascist-racist  bastard Donald Trump who is endorsed  by both of the only two political parties with power in the USA. Trump wants more reactors.  Tactical nukes.
    In China two whole large cities of people rose up and protested and revolted against nuclear reactors being built in their areas. NONE WERE ARRESTED! They were peaceful! The nuclear reactor projects were terminated!


  3. Nuclear insanity, 5G insanity, pesticide insanity, plastic insanity, incessantly burningshit insanity. War insanity.

    It is all about money, greed, insanity. In case you have not noticed that. It is right there in your face!

    Rabbit hole conspiracy theories and memes only conflate the reasoning abilities of the psychotic and ignorant elites that are perpetrating the mass suicides and homicide . The evil monkeys that are unleashing this madness.

    Many people are so distracted from the blatant genocide and insane suicidal schemes to do anything.

    Too preoccupied to deal with the homicidal and suicidal conspiracy that is right there in plain sight. The French people have had enough of the bullshit and, are doing something about it.

    Old hat conspiracies like mkultra pale in comparison to i360 and Cambridge analytica- mind-fucking going on now, though they are the precursors to it.
    Maybe it is a fitting end to humans and other DNA based life on earth. Course the robots or silicone based animates cannot even deal with fukushima.

    People Spending the last days, chasing rabbit holes and seeing who can chase the biggest rabbits in their virtual manipulated and created realities that they transfer to real life.

    The truth is there in plain sight and the yellow vests are out doing something in France. It should not be violent but it is time. It has done before. Protestors in Murica kept a thousand reactors from being build with the massive amount of nuclear waste that would follow. They also probably kept the generals from using tactical nukes that would have caused a nuclear war and hundreds of blatantly insane war caused Fukushimas.
    In the face of fukushima it is amazing that the human monkeys allow monsters like Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Jair Bolsonaro, Macron, Steve Bannon, Pompeo, Bolton to have power


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