The State of Nuclear Emergency Declared after the Fukushima Meltdown is Still On Today!!!

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1. Radioactive contaminated water still keeps accumulating:
2. High-level radiation from Fukushima plant is still being emitted daily.
3. Unfairness of forcing Fukushima residents to live with radiation up to 20 mSv/year.
4.Termination of housing allowance for “voluntary” evacuees from Fukushima, a serious violation of human rights.
5. The number of children with thyroid cancer is increasing although the government refuses to recognize the accident as its cause.
6.Recommendations from the UN Human Rights Council to the Japanese government (UNHRC, Oct. 2018)
The government is obliged:
6.1. to prevent and minimize, as much as possible, children from being exposed to radiation;
6.2. to change back from “20 mSv” to “1 mSv” per year standard before retracting evacuation orders, especially for children and women of childbearing age;
6.3. to not pressurize families to return to Fukushima by terminating housing allowance. (United Nations Human Rights Council, October 2018)
Source: The Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trial

5 thoughts on “The State of Nuclear Emergency Declared after the Fukushima Meltdown is Still On Today!!!

  1. Most everything people believe they know in Murica is wrong.
    Atomic bomb testing began in earnest around the world, In 1955. Each time a bomb went off , the stem cells of babies in their moms wombs, had their stem cells irratiated and damaged from the RADIONUCLIDE fallout in the air and gamma irradiations.

    Each time a bomb went of 100 thousand around the world were guaranteed leukemia! SEE GOFMAN studies.
    2500 bombs were detonated from 1955 to 1963.
    The united states had the most intensive nuclear bomb test program. The USA unleashed open air nuclear bombs on its own people!

    1000 bombs. 650 open air bombs that were detonated n Nevada. The open air nuclear bombs that were detonated in Nevada from 1952 to 1963 spread fallout all over the USA.

    The USA government had nucrear reactor meltdowns too in Idaho, California, Washington SEE GREEN RUN Washington Santa Susana MELTDOWN California ,SL1 Idaho
    There was also The Windscale Nuclear disaster in England.

    The damaged stem cells from in utero Nuclear Bomb fallout, exposed late baby
    boomers, has helped reduce American Life expectancy to 65!

    We are now seeing that!we see Korean war vets and early baby boomers born 1940 to 1955 live to 70 and beyond . We see late baby boomers with cancers, massive chronic disease, heart disease( no matter their lifestyles) early onset dementia living to only about 65 of late sixties at most

    The same will probably occur from the massive amount of nuclear waste, fallout radionuclides from uranium refining, nuclear reactors fuel, nuclear weapons production, nuclear reactors. There have been the huge nuclear accidents like three mile, Chernobyl, fukushima that have put massive amounts of radionuclides and gamma-beta nutters into the biosphere .

    In-utero damage to the stem cells of children born post 1963 from massive high- level RADIONUCLIDE pollution in the north hemisphere for Generation X and milllenials. It will have similar effects. Too early to tell now though. Same chronic disease problems though

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  2. Yes the USA is Still Blaming Japan for Dead Starfish etc on Beaches, Claiming it is All Because of Japan Fukushima. etc. BUT they Dumped Nuke Waste in the Seas Close to USA which is Leaking,all the Ships Used near The USA Nuke Tests in Pacific were Scuttled .Sunk off the USA Coasts,the Marshall Island Test Site in the Pacific is Leaking and Concrete Dome Over Test Site is Breaking Down,and They also Dropped Two Nuclear Bombs on Japan as well.


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