Japan and Tepco again ordered to pay damages to Fukushima nuclear disaster evacuees

February 20, 2019
Yokohama court orders government and TEPCO to pay $3.8m to 152 residents forced to flee homes after nuclear meltdown.
Presiding Judge Ken Nakadaira said the nuclear accident was preventable as the state could have foreseen as of September 2009, based on a projection by experts, that a massive tsunami similar to one that occurred in the ninth century could strike the area again and cause a complete power blackout at the plant.
He said it would have been “possible by the end of 2010” to implement steps such as installing emergency power generators that would have prevented damage to core reactors as well as hydrogen explosions that led to the release of massive amounts of radioactive materials outside the plant.
Nakadaira also criticized the state for its assessment before the disaster that Tepco’s anti-tsunami measures were adequate, saying it was a serious “mistake and failure.”
The ruling awarded compensation to 152 of the 175 plaintiffs, of whom 50 had evacuated voluntarily and 125 were forced to do so. They had each demanded ¥350,000 per month and compensation of ¥20 million for psychological damage due to “the loss of their hometown” in addition to compensation already paid by Tepco.
The ruling was the eighth among approximately 30 similar suits filed by more than 10,000 evacuees.
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3 thoughts on “Japan and Tepco again ordered to pay damages to Fukushima nuclear disaster evacuees

  1. I know Majia remembers the 1958 Japanese Nuclear Video, where Japanese Nuclear guys put a couple of Birds in a lead room and inserted a small, 2 inch diameter Slug of Pure Cobalt 60, into the room with the Birds.
    The birds died within a matter of minutes, from the massive gamma irradiation, that came from the small cobalt 60 slug.

    There was recently the news of another robot probe inserted into unit 2 fukushima. The pictures of the grotesquely hot elephants foot, at that location at fukushima, made me nauseated. Nauseated, from knowing how much water was around the big slug of melted fuel does little to stem the massive amounts of radiation it exudes.
    The probe may have gotten close to an elephants foot and took some pictures, but it did not get any farther. It didn’t get a sample or go back because, it was totally fried, even with that much water there.

    I don’t care what the NOAA or IEAE says, one or more of the fuel pools was disintegrated and or caught fire in the fukushima reactor explosions. I also concur with Dr. Busby that one of the reactor explosions was partially nuclear in origin.

    This is what is in store for us in the next nuclear catastrophe or, worse because there is so much high level nuclear waste built up around reactors now.


    James Lovelock on nuclear waste

    “I have offered to take the full output of a nuclear power station in my back yard.”

    – Professor James Lovelock as quoted in the London Sunday Times

    According to today’s Times, the outspoken British environmental scientist, author and founder of the ‘Gaia’ theory of planetary homeostasis has a cunning plan to overcome any objections to a new nuclear power plant being built in the vicinity of his neighborhood. The good doctor has volunteered to take the radioactive waste off the plant’s hands and use it for domestic heating requirements.

    With Prime Minister Tony Blair’s recent call for more nuclear power in Britain, some people are worried about the toxic byproducts. But according to Lovestock, he and his neighbors could save a packet by taking in the wayward waste.

    “Remember: averting climate change begins at home!” James Lovelock

    This is as bad or worse than Ronny Raygun saying that he could take all the nuclear waste generated
    In a year by one reactor and put it under his desk in the Oval Office!

    Nevermind that each nuclear reactor Generates 20 tons of the Highest Levevel Nuclear Waste Posisble!
    Nuclear waste, that is so toxic and Gamma Ray emitting that a normal person would die of extreme radiation Poisoning, if they came within a Sixty feet of 100 pounds, of it within 20 minutes!

    20 tons under your desk eh Ronnie!
    20 tons in your backyard eh Lovelock!

    They are both Lovelovck and Reagan, the worst lying sacks of shit the human race has ever spawned

    Remember: averting climate change begins at home!

    Utah has agreed to allow energy fuels, to take in a hundred Tons of Medium level Nuclear waste to Blanding that is 80 miles of Moab and Tooele Utah, which is 20 miles
    From Salt Lake City.

    After that the flood gates of High level nuclear waste will be Open for Utah like they are for Texas and New Mexico.

    Some of us thought the people of Utah had, had enough NUCLEAR IRRADIATION, from being Down Winders from the Nevada Open Air nuclear testing. Think again, the greed and stupidity of politicians in Utah never ceases to amaze!


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