Petition Call for fair deliberation and judgment for the “Trial to Protect Children from Irradiation”

Fukushima 311 Voices

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To the Civil Department of Fukushima District Court

There are two parts in the “Trial to Protect Children from Irradiation”: the “Children’s Rights Trial ” and the “Parent-Child Trial”. In the case of the first trial the defendants are the local governments. The plaintiffs demand the recognition of the right of primary and secondary school students of Fukushima Prefecture to enjoy education in a healthy environment. The second trial requires the recognition of the responsibility of the central and prefectural governments for not having taken the necessary protective measures and thus for unnecessarily exposing the children to radiation. The civil party, consisting of children and their parents who were residents in the Fukushima Prefecture when the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident occurred, seeks compensation from the Fukushima prefectural and Japanese central governments.

The Japanese government totally underestimates the health risks associated with low-dose radiation exposure, and with internal radiation…

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One thought on “Petition Call for fair deliberation and judgment for the “Trial to Protect Children from Irradiation”

  1. I will sign it.

    Radioactive waste in the ocean for 75 years

    Watch “Chris Busby Radioactive Baltic Sea” on YouTube

    Tokyo should be evacuatedWatch “Shocking Tokyo Japan Radiation Test by Dr. Chris Busby (Fukushima Fallout)” on YouTube

    There is not a thing more they could have done or can do about Fukushima that they did not do or are not doing. One or more fuel pools went up and, caught fire too.
    There was a US aircraft Carrier there, spraying foam and boronated water on the teactors. There were helicopter spraying chemicals and boron on the reactors..

    There was a 9.0 earthquake that dislodged the nuclear fuel in the 3 reactors. No way to moderate the cores. Two generated hydrogen gas that exploded. One underwent a prompt nuclear criticality like Chernobyl. What was left of any fuel inside the reactors melted through the reactor containment and is at the bottom of the reactors.

    High level Nuclear waste, that is in the water running over all the fuel and debris from Fukushima, is going into the arctic current.

    There was radioactive gas, vaporized RADIONUCLIDE, debris, ash from the reactors and fuel purl that went all over the world in the air. A lot to the arctic.

    The UK, US, France and especially Russia , have dumped thousands of tons of high level and medium level nuclear waste into the arctic ocean, in the past 80 years( that would be the size of a few mountains worth) There is an arctic stream going by Fukushima that is getting RADIONUCLIDE contaminated water from the site. 300 tons a day..

    Since The neoconservative lying clown, came into power, old US reactor, that are as old and more dangerous than Fukushima are allowed to stay opened.
    The regulation for fail-safes in reactor meltdown emergencies have been gutted under Trumps EPA and Nuclear Regulatory Commission . Insurance of adequate backup, gutted. Damaged containment can be overlooked now more than ever.
    They don’t even have sprinklers or backup generators in 2 Louisiana reactors that work.
    Regulations for closing old, unsafe reactors in unsafe hurricane zones and earthquakes zone has been gutted, by Trump and its goons.

    Safety regulations for reactors gutted. Regulation of nuclear waste and its proper sequestration-Gutted.
    Hi level waste stored insanely and unsafely.

    High evel. Nuclear waste is now labeled low level. That means, that poorly stored high level waste like that stored at Fukushima, before the catastrophe, could catch fire and destroy a city or entire region.

    The trumptrolls will go on and on about what Obama did not do during fukushima and after. Its true they did nothing to protect us from Fukushimas in Murica. They did nothing, to create international pressure to make sure Japan did not open damaged reactors, from the 9.0 magnitude tohoku earthquake, that could turn into future Fukushimas.

    Trump and its goons promised to do something about fukushima and, have made matters much worse. They have increased the disc potential, future nuclear accidents substantially.
    They are hawking 24 nuclear reactors and, nuclear weapons to the people responsible for 911. The said I Arabian.

    Trump and its goons say nothing about the 20 old unsafe, damaged reactors reopened in Japan . reactors that are all potential Fukushimas.

    They say nothing of the 70 old beat up reactors, in the United States of America, that are waiting-to-happen Fukushimas. Old damaged and flawed nuclear reactors, with overfilled fuel pools and nuclear waste stored right by them in flimsy Cannisters , on concrete pads, outdoors.
    Trump and its crew, Never gave a damned about fukushima. Just more propaganda and lies.

    The normal reaction in the face of fukushima would be to have all nuclear reactors closed, like Germany and Spain are doing. To stop manufacturing onuclear weapons. To Ban nuclear missiles and weapons. To sequester the deadly nuclear waste properly.

    Damaged reactors in Japan have reopened Under trump. Radioactive food comes out of Japan to here, under Trump.
    TRUMP even encourages nuclear arming Japan. Not that rightwing-democrats like obammy did so much different . They did not brazenly deregulate nuclear reactor safety so completely and pathologically like trump HAS. THE OBAMMYITES did not deregulate high level nuclear waste, that can destroy half the country with a single fire., by calling it lo level waste.
    Those of us who have multiple contacts and family in Japan, know Japan is in a mess. The widespread illness that has a lid on it.

    The same thing can and will occur in the RADIONUCLIDE saturated and ravaged, USA or France, or Europe or Russia or Pakistan or Canada, when the next major nuclear reactor explosions and fuel pool, waste fires occur. It will not be worth staying alive in those areas.

    This US government is not lifting a finger to prevent another Fukushima type catastrophe, in the old rotten reactors here. Reactors that are surrounded by and, chocked full of high level nuclear waste.

    Trump and his goons are making it worse. They will lie their ASSES off like they did about Santa Susana and so many other place. All the idiots and assholes living in the dreamworlds that support the Trump and, the conservative pronuke nuclear-empire democrats are screwing over America.

    Ohio repuklikan lawmakers are trying to find and create a nonprofit to promote nuclear energy and nuclear reactor research research in America in the shadow of Fukushima, Chernobyl, TMi. That is when when renewable technology is cheap and abundant.
    Trump funding and the repuklikan good are funding nuclear reactors for Bill Gates and Nuscale . Trump is saying that nuclear waste is good for u, its hermetic!

    The repuuklikans and the likes of nancy Pelosi will get sick while when the American fukushima occurs. People will watch their friends and family and grand kids get sick and die, as they get sick.

    One of more fuel pools was blown up and caught fire at Fukushima. It will happen here and or elsewhere soon, with so many beat up old reactors around the world.. Used fuel rods are full of radioactive cesium and strontium. There is way too much cesium 137 in Yokohama and Tokyo that are over a hundred miles from fukushima, for a fuel pool fire not to have occurred. That is according to Kaltofen and Busby sample analysis from those places.


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