Court absolves government of blame in nuclear disaster

hkjml.jpgPlaintiff Takahiro Kanno, left, speaks about the verdict in Chiba’s Chuo Ward on March 14.

March 15, 2019

CHIBA–A district court here on March 14 absolved the central government of responsibility but ordered the operator of the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant to pay compensation to nine of 19 plaintiffs who evacuated to Chiba.

The Chiba District Court ordered Tokyo Electric Power Co. to pay a total of about 5.1 million yen ($45,630) to nine plaintiffs who evacuated out of radiation fears following the nuclear accident triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

The 19 plaintiffs were from six households who voluntarily evacuated from Fukushima to Chiba Prefecture. The plaintiffs sought a total of 247 million yen from TEPCO and the central government.

While the presiding judge ordered TEPCO to pay compensation to nine plaintiffs from four households, it denied the central government’s responsibility.

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One thought on “Court absolves government of blame in nuclear disaster

  1. Fukushima Daiichi will not get better. There is too much fuel and RADIONUCLIDE contamination there. Japan does not have to be nuclear. Vietnam is not nuclear. japan is unsustainable. They are reopening, damaged nuclear plants there.
    Japan is an authoritarian country that really does not care about its citizens or the world.
    The US is a nuclear Bomb Bully, that now has tactical nuclear bombs, it will use in a first strike thanks to Trump
    The US values freedom for rich people of the dominant ethnic group, whilst being authoritarian police states for everyone else

    As I write there is an old beat up nuclear reactor on a flooding river, that could be flooded, blowup and release thousands of tons of high level nuclear waste into the area, from its used fuel pools.
    The government allows crooks to haul dump and place dangerous nuclear waste around communities for profit. They are not monitored they are not held responsibly for safety issues. Most of America and Japan are nuclear sacrifice zones for the benefit of the rich and the military. The citizens be damned
    The US was built on ethnic cleansing, genocide, land theft ,slave labour, imperialism, land theft, slave labor, genocide continue to be key to its economy.

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