Underwater robot captures images of reactor containment vessel

The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) began an internal investigation of the containment vessel at the Unit 1 reactor of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant on February 8. An underwater robot was used to collect information on the sediment accumulating at the bottom of the vessel and the molten nuclear fuel (debris) underneath. This is the first time in about five years since March 2017.

 According to the images taken by the camera mounted on the robot, the bottom of the containment vessel was bumpy, as if something had accumulated there. A TEPCO official said, “We don’t know yet whether it is a deposit or not, and we will proceed with the investigation.

 The investigation was scheduled to start on January 12, but was postponed due to problems during the preparation work. TEPCO is now reconsidering the process, which was set to last until August.