Edward Snowden discusses Japanese Government surveillance findings



Repost from November 2017

In a recent interview with Edward Snowden in Japan he discussed the implications of the Japanese Secrets Act of 2013 (that was used to stop any information from whistleblowers concerning the Fukushima nuclear disaster).

The interview is 1 hour long and during the session he described how Japan had to enact the Secrets Act legislation for them to be able to access the 5 Eyes surveillance network. He explains that Japan will only be a 2nd tier partner because only white privileged countries (like the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and of course the USA) can be part of the 1st Tier partners.

The UK enacted a similar Secrets Act in April 2014 that would make nuclear information “Official Sensitive”, meaning that this data would not be available to the media and civil society groups. The UK also added that nuclear and health data from both public and private companies would have this type of information censored from before the Act was made law.

During the 2012 Olympics in the UK civil society groups were targeted by police and the security services and this damaged the confidence in the public to voice opposition and largely continues up to today with new anti extremist laws being used against activists.

Two recent cases of abuse by the state have come to my notice concerning stakeholder groups in the UK. I was informed that Richard Bramhall has been having serious problems with both his emails disappearing and data being removed from the Low Level Radiation Campaign website. Prof Chris Busby, in a recent interview, explained how he was chased around a Swedish airport by a London based man with no luggage whilst heading towards a UK based government meeting (The Minister who was supposed to show up did not).  I have experienced CND UK main offices having their phones blocked (2015) in strange ways and I also have many experiences of hacking and overt operations against me (I had to leave the UK in the end).

The full interview explaining why these surveillance systems are bad for Japans democracy and legal system. There are Japanese subtitles and the audio is in English.