September 29th, 2014 Official Data: Lettuce from US West Coast nearly topped Chernobyl contamination limit; ‘Most dangerous’ alpha radiation also detected — TV: Fukushima poses “significant health risks” to areas thousands of kilometers away Interview with Dr. Gerhard Wotawa, CTBTO Atmospheric Sciences Officer in the Radionuclide Development Unit and head of ZAMG’s (Austria) forecast models (emphasis added): “[‘Low levels’ of radioactivity from Fukushima] can of course spread over all the areas of the world. But it will not pose any significant health risks beyond the immediate areas of the reactors, and some hundreds of kilometers to a few thousands of kilometers. So that means, for most areas of the world, it will be low levels of radioactivity… The rain would release the radiation from the atmosphere and will directly put it on the ground. The very long-lived radionuclides like the cesium will stay around there 20, 30, 40, and more years, and could affect the agriculture… The radionuclides, they can be easily washed of the atmosphere, and in the pathway from Japan to the Pacific Ocean, and across the Pacific Ocean, supposedly there will be precipitation of the rain and most of the particles will be removed by the rain… We assume that there’s a lot of radioactivity now coming into the water from the plant itself… In reality there may be some health effects, but it depends very much on the level of radioactivity that comes out of the atmosphere.” Martin Wright, Radiation Protection Senior Engineer at Diablo Canyon Power Plant (Calif.) – Monitoring for Japan Nuclear Accident (pdf), 21st Annual Radioactive Effluent Technical Specifications and Radiological Environmental Monitoring Programs Workshop: Diablo Canyon in San Luis Obispo, California (150 miles north of Los Angeles) — Rain Event, Mar. 24, 2011 Iodine-131 = 522 picocuries per liter (pCi/L) Iodine-132 = 19.90 pCi/L Cesium-134 = 23.40 pCi/L Cesium-137 = 25.40 pCi/L Gross Alpha = 5.27 pCi/L (BBC::”Inside the body… Alpha radiation is the most dangerous” — Also detected on Mar. 19 and 21 , none since Mar. 24 peak) Atascadero, Calif. (~20 miles inland from Diablo Canyon) – Miner’s Lettuce (salad green), March 27, 2011 Iodine-131 = 347.00 pCi/kilogram (pCi/kg) Cesium-134 = 256.00 pCi/kg Cesium-136 = 22.60 pCi/kg Cesium-137 = 260.00 pCi/kg San Luis Obispo, Calif. — Vegetation from private garden, Apr. 14, 2011 Iodine-131 = 67.71 pCi/kg Cesium-134 = 171.60 pCi/kg Cesium-137 = 154.10 pCi/kg Source: Enenews